Scato Persian crystal stone

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Scato Persian crystal stone

Persian Scato crystal stone is a type of crystal stone from Aligudarz in Lorestan province. This stone has a white background and gray and cream streaks can be seen on its surface.

Persian skato crystal is a decorative stone and is mainly used as book match and form match frames. This stone is also known as Persian Scato crystal.

Labid emerald crystal stones and Arbescato and Calcutta stones sold in the Italian market are among the most similar stones to the Persian skato stone. The reason for the name of this stone is its resemblance to the Italian Erbescato stone.

The production of Persian Scato stone in the form of slabs is more economical and of higher quality than tiles, but its production and supply is possible both in the form of slabs and tiles.

Features of Persian Scato crystal stone

The following can be mentioned among the most prominent features of this stone:

  • Insignificant water absorption is one of the main characteristics of these stones.
  • Very high density and sandability are other important features of this stone.
  • This stone has the ability to create book match and form match sheets.
  • This stone has high strength.
  • The background color of this stone is unique.
  • It has a much better price than its foreign competitors.
  • Persian Scato stone is very similar to world marble stones and is a good substitute for them.
  • Compared to a stone like crystal , this stone has a brittle texture.

Uses of Persian stone crystal Scato

  • This stone can be used to make cabinets.
  • The walls of the elevators can be built with this stone.
  • This stone can also be used for the space behind the TV and lobbies.
  • Scato Persian stone can be used in many residential, office, commercial and luxury projects.
  • This stone is used in all internal and external spaces of this stone building.
  • This stone will also be used for paving the rooms.
  • This stone can also be used for the floor and walls of the parking lot.
  • This stone is a suitable option for making sinks and statues and stone objects.
  • This stone is also used in Sarahi.
  • This stone can also be used to build toilets and master bathrooms.
  • This stone is used to make counters and counters.

Advantages and disadvantages of Persian stone crystal Scato

Among the benefits of Persian Scato stone, the following can be mentioned:

  • Persian Scato stone has very little water absorption and is highly resistant to heat and cold and weather changes.
  • This stone retains heat and helps to keep the space quiet.

Among the disadvantages of Persian Scotto stone, the following can be mentioned:

  • Because the stones are fractured, care must be taken in processing this stone.

Scato Persian crystal Mines

This stone is produced and extracted from mines in Aliguderz city, which is located in Lorestan province.

The price of buying the Persian stone of Scato

The price of Persian Scato crystal stone depends on various factors, which we will mention below:

  • The size and shape of the stone cup, in general, the requested dimensions have an effect on the price of the stone.
  • The type and nature of the stone is another important factor in determining the price of the stone.
  • The cost of extracting and buying coop also increases the price.
  • The cutting and processing method also causes the price to change, and the more accurate the processing is, the higher the price will be.
  • The grade of the stone is another factor that determines the price.
  • The uniformity and minimal amount of streaks on the surface of the stone also affects the price of the stone.
  • Transportation costs also increase the price.

Available dimensions of Scotto crystal stoneware

Akam Stone Company can offer the Persian Scato crystal stone in the form of slabs with dimensions of 1/50, 1/60, 1/70, 1/80, 1/90, 2/60, 2/70, 2/80, 90/2 and provide it in the form of tiles with dimensions of 40*60-40*80-40*100-40*120.

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