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Islamabad Limestone

Islamabad Limestone has a texture and structure similar to travertine and marble. The most famous limestone is Islamabad Abad Limestone. The background color of this stone is white and bright.

Limestones are also known as Tramite in the market, but their only difference with Limestones is their resistant structure. The most famous tramit is Hamadan Mehtab Tramit.

Marvdasht white tramite stone is one of the most similar stones to Islamabad Limestone.

The processing of Islamabad limestone is in the form of slabs, tiles and coupes, which are exported to other countries, especially Spain and Italy, because today, by applying science, all the problems of limestone, including the absorption of water, have been solved.


Features of Islamabad Limestone

The following can be mentioned among the most prominent features of this stone:

  • Due to the high absorption of water, Islamabad limestone does not have a good compressive strength.
  • Islamabad Limestone cannot be implemented in humid environments.
  • In case of using this stone in the external environments of the building, waterproof must be used.
  • These stones have high resistance to cold and freezing.


Types of Islamabad Limestone

This stone is classified into super, premium, and first-class grades, and this grading is based on the color theme and the level of uniformity of the stone. In weak forms of this stone, halos and streaks similar to flower patterns can be seen.


Applications of Islamabad Limestone

  • This stone is mostly used in the interior spaces of the building.
  • Islamabad Limestone can be used to build the main facade of the building.
  • This stone can be used to build the interior walls of residential and office buildings.
  • The combination of this stone with Spider marble and Lashter marble can be used to build the stairs and the body of the parking lot wall.
  • This stone is used in the construction of fences and stone fences.
  • This stone can be used to make a view with wood design.


Advantages and disadvantages of Islamabad limestone

The advantages of Islamabad Limestone include the following:

  • Islamabad Limestone looks similar to Abbasabad white travertine, although they cannot be compared with travertine in terms of quality, but they are much more reasonable than travertine in terms of price.
  • Islamabad Limestone can be supplied in bulk for large projects.
  • Limestone stones require less wiring due to their height.
  • Islamabad Limestone has high resistance and has very little dispersion.
  • This stone is considered as the whitest stone and the most beautiful stone, as well as the most economical stone for building.

The disadvantages of Islamabad limestone include the following:

  • Due to the high water absorption of this stone, this limestone must be covered with nano materials.
  • This stone cannot be used for floors because the limestone structure of this stone does not have good wear resistance.
  • Islamabad Limestone cannot be used in the cold regions of the west of the country and the humid regions of the north.

Islamabad Limestone Mine

This stone is mined in an area near the west of Islamabad city, which is located in Kermanshah province.

The price of buying limestone in Islamabad

The price of limestone in Islamabad depends on various factors, which we will mention below:

  • Depending on the shape of the stone, which is the same as the uniformity of the stone, the price of Limestone stones will be different.
  • The requested dimensions cause the price of Islamabad limestone to change.
  • Cutting and type of stone processing also affects the price of stone.
  • The roughness of the stone is also an important factor in determining the price of the stone.
  • The percentage of subgrade of the stone also causes the price to change.

Available dimensions of limestone

Akam Stone Company can provide Islamabad Limestone in the form of slabs with dimensions of 1/50, 1/60, 1/70, 1/80, 1/90, 2/60, 2/70, 2/80 for easy selection of its customers. 90/2 and provide it in tile format with dimensions 40*60_40*80_40*100_40*120.


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Islamabad Limestone


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