Dehbid marble stone

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Dehbid marble stone

Dehbid marble is known as Karam Marfil stone and it is considered as one of the exported stones.

Dehbid marble is a high-quality stone that is exported outside of Iran. It should be noted that Iran is not the only exporter of this stone.

Dehbid marble processing is mostly in the form of tiles and slabs.

Dehbid marble is available in the following colors in the market:

  • Light cream whitish
  • Simple cream
  • Beige cream
  • Patterned cream
  • ice flower cream

For the first time, this stone was mined in Khorrambid city, which is in Fars province and 10 kilometers from Safashehr, that’s why people have popularly called this stone Dehbid.

Features of Dehbid marble stone

The following can be mentioned among the most prominent features of this stone:

  • Due to its high molecular density, Dehbid marble has a clear and shiny surface.
  • Dehbid marble has a smooth and uniform surface.
  • Dehbid marble has a variety of light and dark colors.
  • Dehbid marble is produced inside the mines of Iran, that’s why it has a reasonable price.
  • Dehbid marble has high strength and wear resistance.

Types of Dehbid marble

The original Dehbid marble is better known and famous for producing stones with a uniform and cleaner background than other stones from nearby mines. This mine is known as Kamine and Ja Marghi stone mine. Below we introduce other types of Dehbid marble:

  • Dehbid Zare marble
  • Dehbid marble is good
  • Dehbid Arian marble
  • Dehbid Hassanabad marble
  • Dehbid Angorak marble
  • Dehbid Ahrar marble
  • Sumer marble
  • Dehbid Nescafé marble
  • Dehbid Koh Sefid marble
  • Dehbid Qamsari marble
  • Dehbid Simkan marble

Dehbid marble applications

  • Dehbid marble can be used to make stone artifacts such as tables in front of sofas, statues, vases, fireplaces, barbecues, fountains, iPhone stands, etc.
  • Dehbid marble can be used to make building materials such as floors, walls and stairs.
  • Dehbid marble can be used in the construction of residential house flooring.
  • The use of this stone is very popular in hotel buildings.
  • This stone is also used in office buildings and companies.

Advantages and disadvantages of Dehbid marble

The advantages of Dehbid marble include the following:

  • Dehbid marble has good resistance to splitting.
  • Moisture and water absorption in Dehbid marble is very low.

The disadvantages of Dehbid marble include the following:

  • Dehbid marble cannot be used for the exterior of the building.
  • Dehbid marble changes color in sunlight.

Dehbid marble quarries

Dehbid marble is produced and mined in Safashehr city, which is located in Shiraz province.


Dehbid marble purchase price

The price of Dehbid marble depends on various factors, which we will mention below:

  • The type of stone extracting mine has a significant effect in determining the price of stone, for example, the stones extracted from the main Dehbid mine (Chamorghi) have a higher price than other mines due to their high quality and beautiful appearance.
  • The more uniform and brighter the stone and the less streaks and impurities in it, the higher the price will be. In fact, the type and quality of the stone affects the price of the stone.
  • How to process the stone and the materials used such as resin, UV, etc., as well as the cutting devices have an effect on the quality of the stone.
  • The greater the thickness of the stone that is separated from the heart of the mountain, the higher the price of the stone.
  • The full lip of the stone and the fact that the stone is gunny have an effect on the increase in the price of the stone.
  • The amount of market demand is also one of the other factors affecting the price of stone.
  • Another factor affecting the price of stone is the brand of stone.
  • Distance from the mine is another factor affecting the price of stone.

Available dimensions of Dehbid marble

Akam Stone Company can offer Dehbid marble in the form of slabs with dimensions of 1/50, 1/60, 1/70, 1/80, 1/90, 2/60, 2/70, 2/80, 2/60, 2/70, 2/80,2 90/90 and provide it in the form of tiles with dimensions of 40*60-40*80-40*100-40*120.


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